Google Plus Engagement Leaves Big Data Experts Nonplussed

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Is this piece in Adweek about Gigya’s insights regarding Google+ and the fact that, although it is said to be the second biggest social network in terms of users, engagement on Google’s social platform is still low and even at its lowest. I have been very critical of Google’s efforts to mimic Facebook over the years and even though some of these efforts haven’t paid off I, as an amateur photographer, am beginning to witness changes in engagement in G+ as I am shoving more and more of my pictures into “communities”. And bingo! it works. It’s true that engagement is low in profile pages and posts, but communities, and mostly photographers’ communities like “landscape photography” or “street photographers” is now clinching it. It has taken its time but maybe Google+ has found its niche… Yet, those guys from Gigya are less than extactic:


depending on what pictures I choose, I can get up to 30 or more +’s and a few shares on individual photos; not bad for an individual I’d say and better than most platforms (including Facebook)

Google Plus Shares Least Among Social Networks | Adweek

It’s the second most popular social network by some measures, but when it comes to sharing, Google+ has the least reach compared to its rivals, according to the latest data from the social media tech firm Gigya.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn all incite more sharing on their networks than Google+, per Gigya, which claims to measure how 1.5 billion Web users share content each month.

In fact, Gigya manages the sharing functionality for more than 700 partners online. According to its data, just 3 percent of all social sharing went to Google+ from July to September.

By comparison, 41 percent of users shared content on Facebook; 20 percent shared on Twitter; 20 percent posted to Pinterest; and 4 percent to LinkedIn. Google+ counts more users than all of these platforms except Facebook because any user of Google services has a corresponding Plus account.

via Google Plus Shares Least Among Social Networks | Adweek.

(At long last) enables social media sharing on posts and pages

Earlier this month,, on which this and all my other blogs are hosted, decided to implement social media sharing buttons as a permanent feature of their online platform. I dote on personally, it’s simple and stupid, forces you to focus on content, not waste your time with useless plug-in gimmicks and is fast and furiously efficient (you get indexed in search engines in a matter of minutes).

Yet, there had been growing concerns among my readers that someone preaching social media was in fact not put his money where his mouth was. had provided a reasonably user-friendly workaround but that was no match for other wordpress blogs – hosted and managed by their owners – which offered many possibilities in terms of sharing on all social media platforms, facebook, Twitter and Digg being the main ones. So, somewhat reluctantly, I was considering moving my wordpress blogs to my own server, which was possible, but which I regarded as an unnecessary burden and task.

And then I caught a glance of that WordPress announcement (a little link at the top of the dashboard) almost unexpectedly: WordPress was – at long last – making sharing avaible on its platform!

So now you can see retweets on posts and pages easily (make sure you do select the ‘posts and pages’ options otherwise your tweets and buttons won’t be accessible from the main home page of your blog for instance) and share stuff on other platforms too including digg and reddit.

So here is a graphic representation of the “share it” function as implemented by WordPress, right beneath each piece which you have published. As this feature is somewhat hidden here is the process explained to our fellow owners : go to the dashboard of your blog, select the ‘settings’ main menu on the left, then click the ‘sharing’ option. icons have to be dragged – in your order of preference – within the bow in order to appear on your posts. If you still can’t find it, use the following link and replace XXX by your wordpress username :

My readers will not only stop taking the mickey off me now, they will also dash to open their own blog, to which premium features such as domain name registration and redirection are now attached.