investing in innovation in times of crisis

Business week has a very brief story – relayed by innovation tools on their site – on why businesses should go on investing in innovation. Atkins argues that companies have to go on investing in innovation in order to dominate in the next decade. He is right, but unfortunately doesn’t explain why?

Credit crunch could be beneficial to telecom sector expert says

It’s the most extraordinary bubble burst ever since the end of the 1920’s and it might even take a few more years before we start feeling the angst to the full; for we should remember that the heart of the great depression was 1934 and not 1929. Yet, despite the incessant stream of gloom and voicing of bad news – which is reminiscent of Kal’s excellent frontpage for the Economist dated November 1997, i.e. the midst of the previous global meltdown in Asia – there is no guarantee that history will repeat itself. Thank God for that. ICT expert Stewart Baines from London even goes one step further suggesting that certain sectors – and the telecom sector in particular – is bound to benefit from the crash.