SMBC’s Bob Pearson: “Social Media is not for geeks, it is about direct conversations with your customers” (unabridged)

ShareTweetShareimportant notice: this is the unabridged version of an article which was originally published on the Sterling Performance blog by Bob Pearson, has just been appointed President of the … Read More

why big business needs social media … under certain conditions

ShareTweetShare  On May 5, 2009 I was invited to deliver a presentation at the Digital Marketing Forum in Budapest, Hungary. The seminar was chaired and facilitated by fellow LinkedIn networker, … Read More

The Blog Council | Here are a few trustworthy corporate blogs

Corporate blogging isn’t easy… And Forrester analyst Josh Bernoff published an interesting report about why people don’t trust most company blogs. In fact, looking closer at Josh’s comments, it’s not corportae blogs but corporate speak that clients don’t trust.

Andy Sernovitz on Disclosure: “Disclosure is Easy”

The next presentation at BlogWell after Ken Kaplan’s Intel presentation and John Earnhardt’s description of what Cisco was doing on the video side, was Andy Sernovitz’s presentation about disclosure best practices. Disclosure is utmost important in social media usage within firms. This ethical issue has to be thought through very carefully by social media managers, and not just by lawyers. “Disclosure is essential”, Andy said, it is “the only way to be successful”. But he also insisted that “disclosure is easy”. It is about “saying you are and who you work for”.