Facebook News Feed Dilemma: Is the Feed for Users or Advertisers

For whom is the Facebook news feed? Is it for users or advertisers? the questions isn’t spurious even though you might get very different answers depending on who you ask the question to. Now, open up the Facebook app. What are the first five posts you see? A picture of your friend’s new dog, a Buzzfeed article liked by your friend, a viral video, a suggested post promoting a brand, a suggested app. The use of the Facebook news feed as an advertising platform for marketers is growing at a rapid pace, and users see more and more ads on their news feeds. Facebook users tend to express a dislike toward the number of ads invading their news feed. Facebook faces the challenge of creating a pleasant user experience while still generating revenue from their advertisements. Facebook, like most free services, need advertisements in order to succeed. It is a matter of finding the right balance between personal and promotional information.

[Editor’s note: this piece by Diana Mylonas was written towards the end of December 2017 and, for some obscure reason, never published. We are releasing it now with a 7-month delay but its question is more relevant than ever before in the light of recent events. We will be closing this blog temporarily in order to charge our batteries over the Summer and we’ll be back towards the end of August with brand new stories. Enjoy the sun!]

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A Publisher’s 7 key steps to succeed through Digital

What are the signs of digital success for a Publishing company? One of the best manifestations of a successful digital transformation is portrayed by the famous German media publisher Ebner Publishing Group that has had remarkable success in the past few years. In order to learn more about and get an insight into the company’s digital transformation, I interviewed Dominik Grau, the Chief Innovation Officer of the group.

Ebner Verlag GmbH & Co. has a history of around 200 years and is a family-owned media group operating in 11 countries having headquarters in Ulm, Germany. The company operates in niches and is a special interest company, publishing magazines related to firefighters, fashion, music, IT, etc. The group has more than 80 magazines and 60 websites to its name. Dominik, who has more than 15 years of experience in the media industry worked as the Managing Director of Ebner’s New York office prior to joining the German office as the CIO.

What has been the major pain-point for Ebner Publishing in the Internet era?

DG: In 2011, Ebner Publishing witnessed that the print and traditional publishing businesses were going down as there was a shift of people’s interest from print to digital. The audiences were now using social media platforms, apps and other online services. People had internet where they read whatever they wanted to, and this didn’t go well for print media businesses since their audience numbers and revenues were going down.

Dominik Grau on digital success for Ebner Publishing Group
Dominik Grau delivering keynote at eZ Conference Cologne June 2018

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Mobile Gaming: How Much Money the Top 5 Mobile Games Really Make

Gaming has always been an enormous industry, and with modern mobile gaming, there is no exception to that. Gaming has been a way of life for many, for decades. With the rise of mobile technology, it has only served to make gaming more accessible and possible anytime, anywhere. That’s why it should come as no surprise that the best mobile games on the market rake in big dollars. Using the super-resourceful fact sheet from “PlayMobi” at the end of this article, we are going to take a closer look at the top five mobile game apps and how much money they make on a minute-to-minute basis per year. 

mobile gaming


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Click and Mortar: Is this the Future of Retail Marketing?

Have you ever shopped online and wished that you could physically see or feel an item? Have you ever shopped at a store and wished that the associate could understand precisely what you wanted? Companies are now moving in a direction in which both of these needs, and more, could be met. Businesses need the combination of digital and physical marketing to thrive in today’s competitive market. It is for this reason that the convergence of bricks and mortar into digital is one of the most significant marketing trends today. This integration of offline (bricks) and online (clicks) is referred to as “click and mortar.”

Click and Mortar

The overall idea of the trend is to track consumer habits more closely to provide companies with information, and eventually sales, on products that behavioral data suggests an individual would want to buy. The marketing trend benefits firms while also enhancing a consumer’s overall retail experience. Improving the consumer experience helps a company to establish a positive brand image in a competitive market.

Click and Mortar
All aboard the newest marketing trend: the convergence of bricks and clicks.

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Digital Marketing: What is at stake for B2B companies?

A friend of mine is working in the marketing department of a medium sized B2B industrial company. The latter has just over 300 employees and operates on a large network of distributors throughout the world. The business is quite flourishing. But things can change. In fact, things are changing very fast today. My friend believes he should board on the digital marketing wave, to increase his company’s visibility on the web: in other words, he wants to develop a strategic presence on social networks. The problem is that he is not really familiar with all the digital concepts. So, he turned to me and asked me for advice.

This lead to a long reflection with him about what digital marketing really is and especially what the benefits can be for him and his business. It is important to understand digital before rushing into it prematurely. Finally, I quickly described to him the different steps that are essential to the success of his “digital marketing” project.

Digital Marketing and B2B: the two make a pair!

Digital marketing is first a matter of trend. To be competitive and innovative it is necessary to stay in the race, and therefore follow the flow.

B2B marketing budgets are shifting to digital and social. Overall, B2B marketing budgets are expected to increase, on average, by about 5% in the coming year. But spending on digital marketing programs is projected to rise three times as fast, and over the next five years, the share of budget dollars dedicated to social media marketing will more than double.”

But digital marketing goes well beyond a simple trend. It has real advantages in B2B.

Digital Marketing advantages

What are the advantages of digital marketing in B2B

Multi-channel: By using multiple channels, digital marketing offers many opportunities (complementary to traditional marketing) and allows users / companies to act at all levels of the purchasing process

Cost-efficiency: Digital marketing is less costly than “traditional” marketing; indeed …Even stalwart traditional marketers know that they cannot compete the Internet’s potential to reach thousands with just a single post”. Printing and shipment costs are not taken into account in digital, this is the advantage of CPC (you pay only when click). Read more