Is France World Champion for Sales? with @pipedrive

Is France World Champion for Sales?

France, world champion of sales? Give me a break…

Here is a fun content marketing exercise I thought I’d like to offer my readers as a gift, just before closing this blog for the Summer season. CRM company Pipedrive’s content marketing manager shared this infographic with me and I found it well designed and perfectly apt with regard to the Visionary Marketing blog. Well done Pipedrive, here are people who know how to use Twitter!

Given France’s reputation one the (sales) pitch, the answer to the above question is a resounding “no”. France isn’t even listed in the top 20 world countries in terms of conversion rates. The Pipedrive people have calculated the conversion rates of the different countries from the data in their database and they have come up with their own World sales championship ranking. Note that Australians took their revenge on “les bleus”, they are in 4th place.

Good news, our German friends, always best in class are even worse than us. Definitely not a good year for Mezut Özil and his pals (well, former pals as it were).

La France championne du monde de la vente
 France is better at football than Sales

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Digital Transformation and Influencer Marketing – a @Traackr interview

Digital transformationDigital Transformation is buzzword de rigueur. It’s also a very important part of today’s strategy for business as explained by Didier Bonnet who revisited his book Leading Digital with us in a recent interview. Today it’s my turn to share an interview I gave for Traackr, the leading influence management platform and which was published on their blog. The piece was published by Traackr’s Morgane Néret.

Yann and Hervé Kabla’s book Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss, brings forth a perspective of digital transformation that delineates its present and future impacts on digital communications across all domains and professions. The book guides an organisation to effectively implement digital techniques into its strategy.

Q1 – How would you define digital transformation? And what is at stake?

First, it is important to distinguish between the concept of a transformation and that of a change: a transformation is a shift towards an unknown state, and as with anything unknown, some may find it unsettling. Read more

Net neutrality: the end of the free Internet?

Editor’s note: Benedetta is a French 3rd year student (equivalent to fourth form in the English Grammar-School system) who spent a week at Visionary Marketing as an intern to discover the world of business. As part of this internship, I asked her to use her linguistic abilities (she is Italian and speaks three languages ​​fluently) to build an overview of net neutrality through the Italian, English and French-speaking press in Europe. In spite of her young age- she is only 14 years old- Benedetta showed a great maturity and her analysis of this extremely complex subject of free internet is relevant and pertinent. So, I decided to publish this article for the benefit of our readers.

As the United States is one of the most powerful countries in the world, the question whether Trump government’s decision on the Internet will affect Europe and the rest of the world is a fascinating one to look at. I have looked into how net neutrality is approached in different countries, namely France, Great Britain, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland.

What is net neutrality?

What will happen tomorrow to the Internet we know today?

Net neutrality ensures that all traffic on the Internet is treated in the same way, so that Internet service providers do not act with favoritism over content that passes through their “pipes” [i.e., physical (telecom) networks]. Blogs and newspapers have been focusing on this topic since the Trump administration decided to remove this neutrality in the United States. Le Figaro even called it “Christmas gifts to telecom giants”.

But why?

This decision has indeed favored the interests of ISPs (Internet Service Providers) such as Verizon, AT & T and Sprint. Since December 14, 2017, US Internet service providers have the right to encourage the traffic of companies that have the means to pay and leave all others on a slow lane, thus creating a two-speed network. Verizon has stated, however, that it will not use this right.

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The New 5 Ps of Marketing in The Digital Era

Product, Placement, Price, and Promotion were the 4 Ps that served as a base for marketing until now. But the prevalent Internet boom has caused these principles to change and evolve. Anne Launois , Head of Audencia Business School’s digital major, and Yann Gourvennec , Head of the Specialized Master of Digital Business Strategy at Grenoble École de Management, shed light on these changes.

Product, Placement
(c) F. Senard – Audencia

With Internet, businesses have to navigate their way through this plethora of sites and social networks. For Anne Launois, the new key to success in marketing is the process that puts the user at the heart of everything. “Digital has revolutionized the marketing approach. Nowadays, the customer expects added value from companies. To deliver on customer expectations, marketers develop content which facilitates relationship building with the consumer, and hopefully, ends with a sale. By putting the customer back at the heart of the process, enables the company to gain an overview of the customer journey.

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Revisiting ‘Leading Digital’: Updates on findings in Digital Transformation

Since the publication of the book ‘Leading Digital’ in 2014, there has been a lot of water under the bridge. In order to have a look into the updates of his findings and discover more about digital transformation, I interviewed Didier Bonnet, one of the authors of the book.

In terms of business maturity with respect to digital transformation, what has and hasn’t changed in the past 5 years?

Leading Digital

First of all, I think a lot has changed in terms of the way companies have approached digital transformation. Five years ago, only a few companies were doing really well. Today it’s pretty much common parlance in company terms, as almost everyone has launched some form of digital transformation program.

Some companies like Nike are really making a big headway in this area. There are new technologies appearing on the scene such as AI, IoT and others, which are fairly complex. So, the difficulty of creating value out of these has increased tremendously, and therefore, what we see is a polarization of companies that have mastered digital transformation and are continuing to adopt and experiment with this technology very effectively.



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