e-mail usage: 12 worst practices and recommended strategies for better communications

12 worst practices of e-mail usage in the workplace and recommended strategies for increased productivity (in 6 installments) by Yann Gourvennec As announced in a previous post, here is my analysis of e-mail usage (or misuse rather) in the workplace. I have also inserted my recommendations for productivity enhancement for each of the worst practice […]

Has e-mail usage in the enterprise gone any better … or worse?

At first sight, the question might seem ludicrous. But in actual fact it’s not. In 1999 I wrote an article for a French online magazine related to e-mail usage in the professional sphere in which I was drawing my own conclusions after 10 years of e-mail usage both in and out of the enterprise (11 […]

An Overview of GDPR implementation in France and insights regarding forthcoming ePrivacy in Europe

“You are certainly a little tired of hearing about the GDPR,” announced Armand Heslot of the French national data privacy commission (CNIL), during the opening of his keynote on GDPR at the Paris Data Marketing Exhibition on November 20, 2018.  It’s pretty much true, but that does not mean everything about it has been conveyed. He said these words […]

Permission Marketing: Give Consumers What They Really Want

What is Permission Marketing? Nowadays, consumers come into contact with at least 10,000 different forms of advertisement on a daily basis. Marketers face the challenge of breaking through this information overload. An effective way to do so is by creating strong customer relations through permission marketing. Permission marketing is a phrase coined by author Seth […]