new htc internet phone dubbed ‘iphone killer’ by msa

Google Phonemsa solutions UK has this story about a preview of this brand new htc smartphone/pda which is dubbed by the Internet site as the ‘iphone killer’.

The new htc internet phone has a touch screen too but they haven’t forgotten about the slide-out keyboard, an htc specialty known to all the Taiwanese manufacturers’ fans (note: I own an htc 7500 advantage ultra mobile pc)

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2 thoughts on “new htc internet phone dubbed ‘iphone killer’ by msa

  1. I think the ultimate Nokia is the best phone in the world. I hope to buy one when i got money 🙂

  2. @Notizie The Nokia E71 – if that’s what you mean – is indeed a pretty cool phone for business users. More of a blackberry and HTC Diamond pro killer though, not iphone. Cheers

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