2.0 is dead, long live Social Media

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Fred Cavazza, one of our most influential Gallic web experts has an interesting story in English about the fact that the 2.0 phrase – originally coined by O’Reilly in 2004 – has been oversold and is now slowly but surely replaced by another buzz word, i.e. ‘Social Media’. Sure enough, I can hear here and there that such association is being renamed… now I understand everything.

Rest assured, the web is not bound to disappear, let alone its ability to bring people together to collaborate/cooperate. This is indeed the gist of the demonstration which is part of my lecture on collaboration,  collaboration tools and their market at the Paris Graduate School of Management. And likewise, blogs will not disappear. The buzz may thin out a little, but not the aim, and not the power of words either (I hear/read here and there that video will replace the printed word, and this is really ludicrous)

At the end of the day, one may wonder whether 2.0, 3.0 and other social media concepts are not killing Aesop’s goose which laid the gloden eggs. Can’t we just go ahead and do it and forget about  the concept machine for a while? After all, reality will catch up one day, sooner or later, and good concepts and bad concepts will be sorted out by themselves.

The Web – in its entirety – and with its tendency to reinvent itself in a cyclical fashion is here to stay and it has been collaborative from day one. Other concepts may go. But do they only matter?!

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Yann Gourvennec

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Yann has a long-standing experience in marketing, information systems and Web marketing. He created visionarymarketing.com in 1996 and since then, he has practiced Web strategy, e-business and Web communications in the field. He was a member of socialmedia.org from 2008 till 2013. He is a lecturer, a keynote speaker, an author and blogger. In early 2014, he went from intrapreneur to entrepreneur when he founded his digital marketing agency Visionary Marketing.
Yann Gourvennec
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10 thoughts on “2.0 is dead, long live Social Media

  1. Couldn’t agree more that good concepts and bad concepts will sort themselves out. Regardless of what we call anything – what’s happening on the web right now is the foundation for the future.

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  3. The web is an ecosystem for concepts : 2.0, 3.0 and next paradigms are signals explaining that concepts may evolute quickly.

    I’m really excited that web is now coming on its paramount definition of social media. Information has never been so transparent and dense (on the web!), and that’s a part because of blogs culture. Blogs save and regenerate something (the 1.0) who was going to become only another advertising support. 2.0 services excited this revolution, and social is now the time to build the rules of an… innocent… public media.

    And that’s why it’s so empowering to be and live this revolution, I didn’t do 68 but I will be in 08′ 😉

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