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Generative AI and its potential impact on photography

Could Generative AI be a game-changer for photography and photographers? Photography has been around for over a century and relies on the creativity and expertise of photographers. But what will happen with the advent of generative AI applications that can create photos in a matter of seconds? Here’s a thought-provoking post on the subject written by Émilie Leger under our supervision.

Generative AI  and its potential impact on photography

Generative AI and photography
We asked Midjourney to tackle the subject of “the impact of AI on photography”. I chose this image from the four generated by AI. While the visual quality is undeniable and the speed of image creation impressive, I still have my doubts about the aesthetics, feel and artistic value of these AI-generated images. There’s something about authentic photographs that AI just doesn’t seem to grasp. That said, I particularly like the effect of the flying petals, if that’s what it is

Creating content in the twinkling of an eye

Generative AI allows users to quickly generate new content based on a variety of criteria (prompts and switches). The inputs and outputs of these models can include text, images, sounds, animations, 3D models or other types of data”

Using existing and recent data, generative AI combines this information to generate results. Initially trained on existing data, generative AI then evolves autonomously (through what is called self-supervised training).

While this may seem like a new concept, some forms of AI date back to the 1960s. For example, the ELIZA programme, created by Joseph Weizenbaum at MIT, marked the beginning of human-machine communication. However, progress since then has been notable: in 2014, the advent of generative adversarial networks launched an era of innovation. These networks have enabled machines to develop their own learning algorithms, allowing the creation of images, sounds and animations, achieving a technological tour de force.


The Effect of AI on Photography (and Beyond)

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