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Is France World Champion for Sales?

Is France World Champion for Sales?

France, world champion of sales? Give me a break…
Here is a fun content marketing exercise I thought I’d like to offer my readers as a gift, just before closing this blog for the Summer season. CRM company Pipedrive’s content marketing manager shared this infographic with me and I found it well designed and perfectly apt with regard to the Visionary Marketing blog. Well done Pipedrive, here are people who know how to use Twitter!

Given France’s reputation one the (sales) pitch, the answer to the above question is a resounding “no”. France isn’t even listed in the top 20 world countries in terms of conversion rates. The Pipedrive people have calculated the conversion rates of the different countries from the data in their database and they have come up with their own World sales championship ranking. Note that Australians took their revenge on “les bleus”, they are in 4th place.
Good news, our German friends, always best in class are even worse than us. Definitely not a good year for Mezut Özil and his pals (well, former pals as it were).

La France championne du monde de la vente
France is better at football than Sales

Italy has not managed to qualify but we will notice that our Italian friends are far from bad. Even Argentina is ahead of France, Maradonna will be able to give those frogs a two-finger gesture.

France is performing better at Football than Sales

The good news is that against Croatia, France is still world champion. This is the 3rd star. I let you feast with Pipedrive infographic and find the best country in the world in lead conversion. This is not a football country, so look for Rugby nations instead 🏉.
Enjoy your Summer holidays and see you soon on the Visionary Marketing blog for new and fresh stories about Marketing and innovation.

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