iStrategy Amsterdam : keynote on social media ROI/ROE

Social Media ROI isn’t easy. As announced in a previous post, I will be keynoting at the forthcoming iStrategy conference in Amsterdam on Oct. 26. In order to introduce this keynote, I have recorded a short video clip with my team which you can visualise if you click the picture on the left-hand side. 

The Social Media ROI controversy

The Social Media ROI controversy
The Social ROI controversy

The social media ROE / ROI debate and controversy is still ranking very high on the Marketing agenda as shown in this post on the Sysomos blog entitled “Is Social Media ROI That Important!”Actually, 4 years ago, I was thinking like that too, as stated in this old blog post I wrote late in 2008 and republished in 2009 entitled.

Beyond the social ROI Issue

Nowadays though, I rather disagree that the “numbers are so low”. We are spending more and more, and that – whether we like it not – means that there must be a shift in our attitude. So, while we need to measure things, there is a requirement for us to:

  1. dissociate social ROI from just sales (savings work too!)
  2. dissociate social ROI and ROE (which is also a valid measure)
  3. know what we measure and what with
  4. take all this with a pinch of salt as the goalposts keep moving and we need to adjust constantly (the “Klout” index, for instance, keeps shifting.

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