my 9 top tips for implementing change – #likeminds (6/10)

my Like Minds keynote on intrapreneurship (6/10)
On the 19th of October 2011, in Exeter in Devon, I delivered a keynote at Like minds. It is entitled “confessions of an intrapreneur”. There are 9 of these anecdotes and tips, which are all used to describe my preferred approach to change management. I have decided to publish the script of my presentation in this blog, starting from lesson number 9 and going backwards to lesson number 1 and then the introduction.
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lesson no. 4: set up an example 

  • If you tell people that something’s good for them, they might well believe you if your power of persuasion is good, but if they actually see you do these things yourself, it’s even better,
  • Likewise, if you ask your boss to show the way, it will be even more powerful and will have – at least – two positive consequences:
    1. Your boss will end up being convinced and will support you even more in your endeavours,
    2. He will in his turn become an advocate of the change you wish to implement and will help you spread the word around.

    Anecdote: when I started the Orange Business Services blogs in early 2008, not everyone was convinced. I started with a couple of change agents who helped me move forward, but it’s only when I asked my boss to help us with the blogging activity that I reached a higher level of success. Indeed, from the moment I asked him to blog on his favourite topic, he stopped asking about the return on investment of expert blogging because he actually understood this for himself, and besides he became a lot more positive about what we were doing and encouraged other people to do so. Four years later, he is one of the strongest advocates of expert blogging at Orange Business Services.

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