Fons Trompenaars: helping people to perform better should be the focus of managers #live11

reporting live from Orange Business Live in Munich
Despite the fact that his flight was not able to take him further than New York and let alone Munich, Fons Trompenars was brought live from New York by Orange thanks to its network of telepresence rooms.
His presentation was about “managing people in a fast changing world”
Shareholder value was established at the cost of other values, Fons Trompenaars said, and all values established at the expense of other values are doomed to failure. The essence of a value is how you can “integrate opposites”, mostly in a world which is multicultural (60% of people below 25 years of age living in Amsterdam he said have non Dutch parents).
The real question he added not “how can I perform better” but “what can I do to help you perform better”. The real question he added is “why did we forget about serving people in business” and business literature. Great leaders show passion and control, it’s not bi polar like in the Myers Briggs example he said. We don’t need “balance” he said, this is bi-polar too. What we need is integration instead.
Do we need to globalise/standardise or customise?
What we need to do in a global world is build unique offers from “standardised building blocks” he added. Speed comes with hindsight he said (“recul” in French) quoting John Cleese with whom he worked a few years ago. This isn’t self excluding. And he concluded with a lot of humour at the end of his presentation by saying “we don’t need questions because I’m usually very clear in my messages”, but he did answer quite a few questions of course.

Yann Gourvennec
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