Fusion-io’s Carson: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

On June 2 I was part of a team of journalists for an IT press tour in the Silicon Valley. One of our appointments was with Neil Carson from Fusion-io. Here is an account of what was said at that meeting:

What is there in common between the team which produced clash of the Titans, a stock exchange trading company performing high speed electronic trading and Facebook? The answer is that they are all clients of Fusion-io, a 250 employee company which was created 4 years ago, the chief scientist of which is no one else than Steve Wozniak. “Wosniak saw the technology and it called out to him” Neil Carson said and “we brought him to our board”, he is a “very smart guy and it’s good to have him onboard”, he added.
Fusion-io designs SSD cards for storage to be included in servers in order to improve efficiency, data protection, but also server space and power consumption. On June 1, 2010 I was invited with a selection of French journalists to visit that company and we were welcomed by Neil Carson, CTO for that company who gave us a presentation of his iodrives, a new revolutionary SSD (Solid State Drive) technology for servers and also graphic sessions.
Read on about the Fusion-io story at: http://blogs.orange-business.com/live for a thorough account of that visit

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