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The French Nouvelle Cuisine of innovation is ready to be served

As I explained in a previous post on his blog, my gifts for the New Year is now available for download at Here is the introductory text again for those who have missed the previous entry.

The French Nouvelle Cuisine of innovation is ready to be served

French Cuisine of innovation
The new French Cuisine of innovation is ready to be served

“If you have always wanted to know everything about innovation but were too afraid to ask”, rest assured because Visionary Marketing will bring this information to you in a few days.

Our good friend Brice Auckenthaler (founder of a leading-edge Innovation Consultancy group based in Paris, France) has been kind enough to let us publish the first few sheets from his brand new book to come: Imagination 3.0. Although the official release of Imagination 3.0 will take place in late January, you will be able to read and download the first few pages of this new unmissable opus in a few days from now.

Brice is undoubtedly our best expert in innovation and his and his team’s ability to cover the entire spectrum of innovation, from creativity to making the rubber meet the road. Their references encompass major players like Nestlé and Thalys, Maserati, Mc Donald’s, Ferrari, Kraft, Coca Cola, Société Générale and others.

Their footprint is International (Europe, USA, Asia, South America, China, Australia etc.) and their teams multi-cultural. Their capabilities extend from benchmarking, interviews and research, scenario planning [brand architecture and brand stretching], to brand & innovation committees on the new brand assets, new initiatives for product launches.”

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