web 2.0: can you make your brand teenager friendly?

web 2.0: can you make your brand teenager friendly? Unconventional behaviour is what awaits the average corporation wanting to launch a 2.0 website. When I write unconventional, maybe I should correct this and replace it with behaviour adapted to different conventions.

Jennifer Jactel of the Toulouse graduate school of management is digging her teeth into this issue with a very good report on generational marketing aimed at teenagers.

web 2.0: can you make your brand teenager friendly?
web 2.0: can you make your brand teenager friendly?

“Creating a blog has become really easy and its use has been standardized, even in the business world. But managing a corporate blog is still challenging because one has to deal with comments and posts which might get out of hand very quickly; keeping tabs on one’s brand image and reacting quickly to issues is also a serious problem. Of course, it is time-consuming, but it is also worthwhile.

Indeed, more than saving on communication costs, it enables businesses to get direct feedback from consumers and interact with them too, to control the information they want to release, but above all to improve their image through an appropriate Web presence. Because teenagers are Internet freaks, B2C marketing strategies will have more impact if the organization is present online, particularly through a blog. However, teenagers are also advertising-averse, therefore enticing enterprises to be more and more creative and innovative in their marketing campaigns or products; all this means that they also have to gain their trust, mainly through the establishment of direct contact.

Businesses targeting teenagers should really think about incorporating direct web communication within their marketing strategies. However challenging this may be, it can lead to real success in the blogosphere and beyond. Indeed, a teenager who likes something will tell his friends and so on and so forth, thereby starting a word of mouth promotion of your approach”

read the report on teenager blogs: ‘how to target teenagers using their blogs

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