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entente cordiale: French blog listed by Britishblogs

This blog is not just wearing its badge of honour. It has also been spotted by the Britishblogs digg-like list of rss links. At a time when most people think that the entente cordiale is a thing of the past, I am under the impression that this is a good sign of the resumption of diplomatic talks between both countries.
Long live the Queen and … Vive la France!

Yann Gourvennec

Yann Gourvennec created in 1996. He is a speaker and author of 6 books. In 2014 he went from intrapreneur to entrepreneur, when he created his digital marketing agency. ———————————————————— Yann Gourvennec a créé en 1996. Il est conférencier et auteur de 6 livres. En 2014, il est passé d'intrapreneur à entrepreneur en créant son agence de marketing numérique.

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