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Mashable aims at mashing up press

Here we go again, the mashable social networking news website which originates from the UK is now setting shop on the Continent with clear intentions to take over the world of printed media.

This and other initiatives like Italian born Web pioneer Revelli’s Agoravox is setting the pace for a complete overhaul of the media landscape.

Already, French business daily Les Echos is planning to go online and launch electronic-only versions of its paper as early as June 2007.

All this echoes signals sent by Bruno Patino in 2005, where Patino was issuing warnings about the possible disappearance of the printed press. Not sure the ink is dry on this scenario though; time will tell.

Yann Gourvennec
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Yann Gourvennec created in 1996. He is a speaker and author of 6 books. In 2014 he went from intrapreneur to entrepreneur, when he created his digital marketing agency. ———————————————————— Yann Gourvennec a créé en 1996. Il est conférencier et auteur de 6 livres. En 2014, il est passé d'intrapreneur à entrepreneur en créant son agence de marketing numérique. More »
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