, the Waybackmachine is the memory of the Internet

Ever heard about the waybackmachine? I don’t think you could call that Web2.0 or even innovative but still, it’s probably the most awesome Internet website/service I have ever seen: is a website and a database which keeps track of all the various versions of almost every website that ever populated the Internet., the Waybackmachine is the memory of the Internet, the Waybackmachine is the memory of the Internet
the Waybackmachine retrieved one of the earlier versions of Visionary Marketing for you

The so-called “Waybackmachine” can take you back to – for instance – the earliest versions of eBay. (see that version of January 1999 for instance). Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to move back more than 6 years, but still, it’s awe-inspiring, and useful too.

The waybackmachine in one of its early versions

If you want to keep track of old content which has been wiped out of the Web. For my readers, I can also recommend the various versions of since 1998 (unfortunately, the earlier 1996 versions have not been stored).

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