A few takeaways from Justeat takeaway online service #csmb2c

Tess Tucker is head of digital marketing for Justeat. Justeat is an aggretator of local takeaways. You go to justeat.co.uk. The company is originally from Denmark (founded in 2001) and has just over 12,000 (1/3 of the total) restaurants in the UK.
The audience is wide and attracts young users very much. Justeat encourages the use of social media in order to engage with customers, find new customers and retain current customers and collect feedback. With such a young audience, the brand is not restricted and mostly fun. Justeat has 450k fans on Facebook, growing 1,000 a day. It is still early days for Google+ and Pinterest though.
Justeat has been focusing on social media for the best of 2 years. Justeat can actually see that the use of social media leads to order. 25% of new users have actually heard about the company from Facebook. The company experiments from various kinds of content: caption contests; provocative quotes and facts (Justeat has no problem being very controversial), polls, questions and quizzes, offers, competitions, product updates and video content.
Santa Clues campaign: 24 days of prizes, promoted in newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and Website. Once a week a bigger price was launched. One customer, Robyn asked whether she could have the penguin used in the campaign as a wallpaper and Justeat made a Penguin wallpaper and sent it over to her.
All of this is done in-house and Justeat is even moving into competitions like the “eat vs. food” competition. The advantage is that “it makes you feel like a small company and gives a realness to the company” Tess said. Justeat have also been granted an award for the best use of Twitter. “What attracted the judges is the use of Twitter for customer care” Tucker said. “Customers are looking to us to solve their complains”.

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