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A piece on Alastair Walker’s blog this morning. I met Alastair at Lincuplive at the end of February; The lincuplive social media conference was a real success, with hundreds of entrepreneurs and social media enthusiasts from all over the country and speakers from foreign lands such as myself. The pitches were great and the content superb, I felt energised by the sheer enthusiasm and positivity; whoever knows Celia Lacy, Tim Dowxning and Glenn Le Santo, the organisers, will  understand why. But it’s not just that, it’s the people in the rooms, the questions, the urge to know which small business and startup owner were showing which really made you feel part of something. Last but not least, there was this team of bloggers from Lincoln university, the pride of that once very rural town which is awakening to other lines of businesses and proving very dynamic. And there was this chap Alastair, a former sports journalist, and a very nice bloke, who was leading this team of young writers in such a professional manner ! At the end of my break out session I remember one of students coming to me; she was very excited because the piece she’d written had been the most retweeted: indeed, social media works, that was even the tagline for the event, and we proved it in Lincoln.

Alastair Walker with his team at lincuplive

Working with The Connected Generation | Social media and SEO from the North
Working with Lincoln University students at a social media conference called Linc Up Live, gave me an interesting insight into the future, and a remarkably bright, fast paced future at that.
The students in action at Linc Up Live, Feb 2012
Think about it for a moment; we browse online, from Amazon to Pinterest, our butterfly minds bookmarking products, gig tickets, experiences that shape our view of the world. Websites welcome us back by name; our virtual friends share our blogs, photos, music tracks or news links. Ours is a connected world.
The generation that are studying at Universities across Britain today are perhaps the first in history to have a digital footprint since childhood, a truly social strand to their DNA.
All twelve of the Lincoln Uni media team who arrived at the Doubletree Hilton for Linc Up Live had their smartphones at the ready, Twitter profiles set up and a good idea of what the event was about. Fact is, almost anything can be researched in seconds via Google. From laptop to X-Box – we’re all connected.
via Working with The Connected Generation | Social media and SEO from the North.

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