iStrategy digital conference in Amsterdam with Randi Zuckerberg and Jimmy Wales …

supercharge your digital strategy in Amsterdam on October 26
October 2011 is rather fretful. I keep telling my wife that I need to put down my suitcase and stay put but how could I when the world is buzzing with exciting events like the iStrategy global digital media conference which will take place in Amsterdam on October 25 and 26?!
At this conference, on October 26, I will be keynoting on social media ROI/ROE but I will keep this for a later post. today, I would like to focus on the program first. The array of speakers is truly amazing, the program is second to none, and here are some other highlights from that list of keynotes which you shouldn’t miss:

  • Randi Zuckerberg will open the session with a keynote on the future of online banking. Mr Z’s sister will namely deliver her top 10 tips to maximise your brand on… Facebook of course!,
  • Tim Callan from Melbourne IT (disclosure: I am a client) will deliver a pitch on the new GTLD program by ICANN. Don’t miss this, MIT are the world’s most revered experts in this domain (their Chief Strategy Officer is Dr Bruce Tonkin, one of the world’s leading experts in domain name strategy),
  • Last but not least, Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, will describe how collaboration is changing not just encyclopaedias, but the whole world. Mr Wales’s keynote is entitled: “the wiki world“.

There will be plenty more speakers, like Facebook’s Julien Codorniou and Laurent Delaporte from Microsoft. Stay tuned on this blog, I will soon give some details about my keynote on “social media ROI/ROE”.

Yann Gourvennec
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