Diaspora fundraising saga … continued

The Diaspora* fundraising saga continues with an overnight ban from Paypal and then the re-opening of the said PayPal account “after community outpouring of tweets and emails”. I have nonetheless briefly checked Tweetreach and the report shows (on the past 1,500 tweets) an exposure of 84,393 impressions only with a mere 47 contributors. I suspect that Diaspora users must still be using emails, unless they posted their claims on Facebook?! (joindiaspora TweetReach report)

PayPal Freezes Diaspora* Account, Disrupts Fundraising Efforts  – LAUNCH –
UPDATE: PayPal has unfrozen Diaspora*’s account after community outpouring of tweets and emails.
Diaspora* the open source social network that arose out of privacy issues associated with Facebook last year, recently reached out to the community for donations to sustain the network, which was all well and good until PayPal shutdown their account.
“We’re sorry to say that PayPal has frozen our account, so we’re currently unable to process contributions by credit card,” Diaspora* wrote on its blog. “PayPal is notorious for arbitrary blocking of legitimate donations. We’ll get this sorted out as quickly as we can.”
On Oct. 12, Diaspora* reached out to its members and those on its waiting list to ask for a donation of $25, or whatever they would feel comfortable with giving the open-source company.
But until the Diaspora* PayPal acocunt is restored those who wish to donate to the social network can still do so via the company’s Flattr account. Diaspora* raised more than $200K on Kickstarter from 6K+ backers.
Peter Schurman of Diaspora* tells LAUNCH via email that the company found out their account was blocked when they tried to withdraw some of the more than $45K that has been donated. Friday morning, they learned that their withdrawal had been reversed.

via PayPal Freezes Diaspora* Account, Disrupts Fundraising Efforts  – LAUNCH -.

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