Neuromarketing: Manipulating or Understaning Consumer Behaviour?

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There is at least one post on the Internet which is not debating how Facebook will change the world and I have found it!  I will need to get back to this soon, as it seems that marketers now have little to share beyond the tools with which they share it. Anyway, today’s reading selection is taking us to Fastcompany’s Kevin Randall’s post on Neuromarketing, i.e the use of neuroscience in order to tap into consumers’ subconscious and understand their motivations. 5 brands – quoted by Randall – are already using this kind of “science”. No doubt that nice debates will crop up in the future, this is Randall’s conclusion too:

“Neuromarketing Hope and Hype: 5 Brands Conducting Brain Research
BY KEVIN RANDALLTue Sep 15, 2009
Even before the age of Mad Men marketers were trying to tap into the human subconscious to influence consumers to buy their products.
But over the last decade or so, as the fields of neuroscience and marketing science (as some like to call it) have evolved, the area of Neuromarketing has emerged. Today more companies are investing in the technology and studies. Neuromarketing blogs (Roger Dooley) and books (Buyology) are being accorded more attention and legitimacy. Nielsen’s recent investment in researcher NeuroFocus has increased the influence and credibility of neuromarketing. However, the field is young and a bit like the wild west. And many in and out of marketing have raised concerns about the reliability and ethicality of neuromarketing.
What is Neuromarketing?
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via Neuromarketing Hope and Hype: 5 Brands Conducting Brain Research | Fast Company.

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