Like Minds and Media Aces: Culture & Tech event in Paris – June 28

Paris: Culture+Tech

Like Minds and Media Aces present:

Paris: Culture+Tech

28 June 2011

An amazing line-up of speakers, a fascinating subject, in the City of Light
The printing press, the telegraph, the phone. Three devices that changed not only way that we communicate, but shifted the way an entire world thought.
Now in the digital age and with the rise of social media, how is our interconnectedness and the expectation of ubiquitous information changing the way we think?
From how to we talk to how we listen, we’ll be exploring the technological innovations and cultural phenomena that surround us on our voyage as human beings.
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Registration is €300 only. Early bird registration is available at 200€ before 1st June, with additional rates available for Like Minds Club Members and previous Like Minds Attendees.
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