Fence and nails: what you are doing when you are misusing e-mail

one of my favourite subjects is the (mis)use of e-mail in the workplace. I have nothing against the tool, but mostly about how people are using and abusing this tool to make other people’s lives impossible. To an extent, e-mail and its wrong usage is probably responsible for more than half of stress in the workplace. OK, I know, it’s not e-mail, it’s people but yet, when somebody is nasty and you are face to face, at least you can react and defend yourself.
When somebody copies the whole world and points the finger at you, you are left with few alternatives.
This is why I circulate this “fence and nails” presentation extensively, and I have found many times that it was a good tool to educate managers on how to – and how not to – use e-mail in the workplace. After all, life is too short for you to let the turkeys get you down; people of earth unite!

Yann Gourvennec
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