Likeminds keynote presentations: the ultimate recap

the lineup of Likeminds speakers in Exeter - Feb 2010 (Photo by Ben Ellis)

Likeminds was this extraordinary event which took place at the end of February in Exeter, UK with a great lineup of speakers (I’m talking about the other participants). The likeminds organisers have now completed the upload of all the videos for all the keynotes and they are now available at Here are short-cut links to the presentations in alphabetical order :

  • Jonathan Akwue on An Outsiders View of Social Media (Jonathan Akwue opens up Like Minds, February 2010, with a keynote on Social Media, mix tapes and saving lives)
  • Olivier Blanchard on Social Media Integration (Olivier Blanchard presents the master class of Social Media integration)
  • Chris Brogan on Making Social Media Useful (Chris Brogan delivers the last keynote at Like Minds, February 2010, on what it takes to make Social Media successful is to make it useful)
  • John Bell on the CMO’s Dilemma (John Bell, MD of Ogilvy 360° Digital Influence, discusses Social Media tokenism in what he calls ‘The CMO’s Dilemma’ at Like Minds 2010)
  • Yann Gourvennec on Building Outstanding Advocacy (Yann Gourvennec discusses how Orange have approached B2B advocacy) 
  • Joanne Jacobs on Emerging People-to-People Communication (Joanne Jacobs on the successes and failings of augmented reality technology)

The cherry on the cake:

  • Like Minds: In 4 Minutes (A 4 minute trailer to give you a little espresso of Like Minds) 
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