How to optimize your company before your launch

Optimizing your company before launching is a way to maximize your reach and visibility when running advertisements and sharing new promotions. The more optimized your company is with an online presence, the easier it becomes to reach any intended audience or demographic you have in mind. Following a few steps ensures you are on the right track to success whether you are launching a company for the first time or looking to grow and expand an existing business in any industry or niche.

Choose the Right CRM

Get organized with any CRM (customer relationship management) service of your choice. Delegate tasks to employees and partners before going live to ensure you are readily capable of taking on incoming data and customer information you receive.

Secure and Protect Your Website

Securing and adding a layer of protection to your website is a necessity, especially when you are operating online as a professional brand or organization. Ensuring the best cloud data security is available to you and you are utilizing it before going live is a way to protect potentially sensitive user information and data. Keeping the information of your customers safe and secure at all times is a must in order to remain open and successful without the risk of having the data hacked and breached.

SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization is also essential when launching a company with an online presence. Increasing your website’s optimization for top search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! is possible with the right page titles, keyword research, and an understanding of HTML and the use of hyperlinks. Increasing your website’s search engine optimization is one of the quickest methods to rise in search engine rankings that are most relevant to your company and brand. Read more

Why businesses should Use Machine Learning For Data Analytics

Innovation in machine learning offer many benefits to business data analytics. Businesses are able to benefit from machine learning because the algorithms that are used make accurate, data-informed choices. According to Forbes, by the year 2020, the Internet will have an estimated 1.7 megabytes of newly created data per second for every human in existence. Machine learning gives businesses accurate data at a faster rate than other programs, so businesses that use machine learning will succeed more rapidly than other businesses. Those who want to use machine learning to help their businesses grow should take time to understand the machine learning process and understand the algorithms that will best help their businesses flourish.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is an algorithm that analyzes data and automatically produces an analytic model. It enables businesses to gain insights because computers are not programmed to look for data at a specific area. As a result, businesses can discover information that was not known due to machine learning to gather information from unspecific locations and recognize useful data patterns and inconsistencies.

Machine learning
Image by @miatawile

Information and machine learning experts use proven algorithms to understand the meaning of the data that is produced from computers. However, the primary goal of machine learning is to leverage businesses to a point where they no longer need information scientists and machine learning experts.

Machine learning Algorithms

Machine learning has been so successful because it is comprised of self-teaching algorithms. When these algorithms are subjected to a massive amount of data, they are able to learn from the information for accurate predictions and results. Machine learning algorithms can be grouped into

  • supervised,
  • unsupervised,
  • and reinforcement learning.

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3 Quick Ways to Improve Your WordPress SEO

Everyone wants to be in the top search results on Google. A lot of people also consider hiring an SEO expert, because they want fast and effective results. Lucy Davis, author at Top 10 website hosting explains in her article how to easily work on your SEO and get long term results. I will add my comments and share some figures with you throughout the article.

How to work on your SEO
Image by Mia Tawile @miatawile

Time and dedication are key

Many SEO experts will tell you that SEO takes time and dedication – there are not really any ‘quick wins’. Or they will tell you that if you try out the ‘quick win’ type techniques, that it is impossible to get long-term results. However, there are some ways that you can improve your WordPress SEO that won’t involve hiring an expensive SEO expert or dedicating all of your time to doing it.

First of all, if you are unsure how important SEO is for your website, then there are plenty of reasons for you to spend some time to better understand it. To start with, good SEO practices will generate more traffic to your website which should drive more sales/business for your company. SEO is cheaper than paying for ads or other ways where you are paying to get website traffic.

In fact, this is why SEO is a priority for a lot of digital marketers: with the right keywords and the right approach, a website can attract qualified leads that might result in an increase in conversion and sales.

Many aspects of SEO are completely free if you understand how to apply them. If your website is performing badly compared to your competitors then you clearly need to up your SEO game. SEO is an important part of the user experience and if your website visitors have a good experience, they are more likely to do business with you.

Today, there is a very intense competition online. I personally think that the expression “Go big or go home” kind of applies in the online world. Having a website that performs badly, that delivers a negative user experience, has no competitive advantage compared to well developed websites.

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Experience Economy: “Great Experiences Begin with Great Service”-Joe Pine

Joe Pine is an expert in the world of marketing and customer experience. As one of the men who coined the term “experience economy”, he stresses the importance of creating memorable events for customers. These events are meant to elevate an experience and increase the probability of an economic exchange. Today, our economy is an experience economy– meaning that events that engage customers in a personal way are the predominant economic offering. It is important to understand that levels of the economy build on each other. Great experiences begin with a great service, and these services are built on goods. The goods are created from raw materials, which is the basis of all of the economy. 

experience economy

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Skiing Connected: Digital is a Must On and Off the Slopes at Ski Resorts

The snow is here. The mountains put on their beautiful white coats.  It’s time for the ski season. Before, the ski vacation checklist was limited mainly to the equipment: skis, jackets, gloves, boots. Today everything is different. The list also includes: tablets, laptops, and primarily smartphones: It is out of the question to travel without technology! Only 4% of French people go entirely offline when on holiday, and 81% of Americans admit that their smartphone is their number one travel accessoryPeople will always wish to go skiing, and the snow industry has a bright future, but no one wants to be cut off from the world while on a mountain. We are entering the era of skiing connected

We are living in the era of immediacy and sharing. As skiers, we want everything to be done in this way to make our vacation a unique customer experience. There is a real revolution in behavior. The resorts have understood the stakes and the interest for their image and notoriety: Today, for more than 80% of [French skiiers], Wi-Fi access is a selection criterion when choosing a ski resort.  Also, 31% of people in America only select a hotel if it offers free Wi-Fi. Every year, resorts are investing more in IoT and connected infrastructures. Resorts have even implemented something called smart station – a new technology that is available to facilitate the lives of holidaymakers and ensure their comfort.

skiing connected

Skiing Connected: Wi-Fi for all and everywhere

The primary objective of the ski resorts is simple: to offer access to Wi-Fi to everyone everywhere, whether through optical fiber or radio links, a free Wi-Fi central point, or an individual pocket wifi. All amenities at ski resorts are created to satisfy the customer. (e.g., since 2015 the resort of Les Gets [has offered] its holidaymakers a pocket Wifi system enabling them to stay connected everywhere, even when on holiday)A customer’s satisfaction starts with internet access. Nowadays, we want to be able to share everything immediately. The resorts have understood this need have acted to improve. There are more and more photo points installed in front of the most beautiful photo spots of different ski areas. The photo points ensure beautiful photos and selfies for skiers, that of course – thanks to the connected structures – can immediately be shared for our greatest happiness.

Skiing Connected
The photo points are set up so you can use your self-timer, stand in front of the Grande Motte Mont Blanc gold and smile!

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