Digital Marketing Tactics for Non-Techies

Although it’s an asset to master IT languages for digital marketing, there are certain tactics which digital marketers who aren’t well conversant with them can opt for, in order to orchestrate successful digital marketing campaigns. After working in this domain and going through works like “Mastering Digital Marketing like a Boss” by Yann Gourvennec (Disclosure: with whose agency I work) and Herve Kabla, I reckon there are certain tactics which people who aren’t tech savvy can work on to enhance their digital marketing prowess.

I would like to dissect this topic through the prism of social media, and explain how digital marketers can leverage the various platforms to their benefit.

Social media is at your discretion

The world – with all those you wish to reach – is within your reach here. It’s possible to deliver results with an effective social media strategy. According to Yann and Herve, what needs to be kept in mind is that “content is at the heart of digital marketing”. Your solution is what you have to offer, but the customer is more concerned about his problem. This poses a quintessential content marketing challenge to digital marketers. Live in the realm of your customers to bring forth content that would address their problem. Lead generation will follow suite.

Coming back to the ‘content is at the heart of digital marketing’ point, you should be able to tailor your content according to the customers you wish to connect with. Another interesting finding that I would like to mention here is that digital has caused the ‘traditional’ Ps in the marketing mixto evolve. Your efforts should be targeted towards achieving more visibility. Read more

Mobile devices: a platform for the growth of video advertising

In recent years, two major markets have experienced strong growth and have become crucial in improving the consumer perception of brands and companies.

mobileOn one hand, there is the mobile market, whose spectacular growth has enabled mobile devices to become the most sought after means for consumers to access information online. When consumers are influenced by a technology, businesses do not lag behind in boarding the same cruise.  

For companies and brands, this growth has caused mobile to emerge as a communication channel in its own right. Hence, brands must position their content efficiently and assiduously.

On the other hand, the video market has established a significant position in the world of content. Internet users are increasingly accessing online videos and consuming more and more information via this channel.

These two elements have become intertwined and share a strong connection with each other. The data retrieved from both these channels serves as a basis for brands to build positioning strategies and also helps them to improve their relationships with consumers. Mobile is the platform used by the public to access videos, and as a result, brands and companies use this path to reach their audience.

Companies that make video ads allot a significant portion of their advertising budget to mobile. According to a study based on a US sample, mobile is the main reason for the growth of video advertising. It predicts that mobile will be a key element in video advertising and will gain the greatest growth rate. According to the same study, 72% of the growth in video advertising will be through mobile devices.

For companies and brands, this growth has caused mobile to emerge as a communication channel in its own right.Click To Tweet Read more

Content Marketing in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Web marketing , and especially content marketing, aims to address “customers’ pain points”. Companies that succeed in satisfying their customers are the ones that identifythese “pain points” and provide services and products to resolve them. Web marketing has helped businesses to provide customers with fulfilling experience and loyalty, a phenomenon which is termed “customer experience”. A good example is Amazon: it provides a first-rate customer experience which is way better than what conventional distributors offer.

Computer science and artificial intelligence strengthen the marketing prowess with innovative tools and software. However,their worth is established only if they help marketers to create original, creative and quality content.

What these tools do best is that they provide added value to the content. Useful tools help to find relevant information in the mass of data, and subsequently synthesize and review it. It is not a mammoth task to initiate content marketing in a company having more than 10 employees. It could be easily done by bringing in experts in a particular field who have good communication skills and are helped by the company’s marketing team. They could be excellent content creators.

There is no marketing without customer. What are the customer’s concerns and how to reach them? How are their requirements detected?

artificial intelligence
Bosworth’s famous pyramid of client pain points

In content marketing, and for the B2B sector in particular, pain points mater more than requirements. This notion comes from the book ‘Solution Selling’ by Michael Bosworth. He explains the different levels of client problems through a pyramid hierarchical structure. At the top of the pyramid, there are pains that customers are aware of and for which they have an idea as to what the solution would be: customers know they have a problem and who can solve it. What Bosworth emphasizes here is that if the customer has reached this place already, you’ve lost the game. This segment is of no more interest.

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Is France World Champion for Sales? with @pipedrive

Is France World Champion for Sales?

France, world champion of sales? Give me a break…

Here is a fun content marketing exercise I thought I’d like to offer my readers as a gift, just before closing this blog for the Summer season. CRM company Pipedrive’s content marketing manager shared this infographic with me and I found it well designed and perfectly apt with regard to the Visionary Marketing blog. Well done Pipedrive, here are people who know how to use Twitter!

Given France’s reputation one the (sales) pitch, the answer to the above question is a resounding “no”. France isn’t even listed in the top 20 world countries in terms of conversion rates. The Pipedrive people have calculated the conversion rates of the different countries from the data in their database and they have come up with their own World sales championship ranking. Note that Australians took their revenge on “les bleus”, they are in 4th place.

Good news, our German friends, always best in class are even worse than us. Definitely not a good year for Mezut Özil and his pals (well, former pals as it were).

La France championne du monde de la vente
 France is better at football than Sales

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Digital Transformation and Influencer Marketing – a @Traackr interview

Digital transformationDigital Transformation is buzzword de rigueur. It’s also a very important part of today’s strategy for business as explained by Didier Bonnet who revisited his book Leading Digital with us in a recent interview. Today it’s my turn to share an interview I gave for Traackr, the leading influence management platform and which was published on their blog. The piece was published by Traackr’s Morgane Néret.

Yann and Hervé Kabla’s book Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss, brings forth a perspective of digital transformation that delineates its present and future impacts on digital communications across all domains and professions. The book guides an organisation to effectively implement digital techniques into its strategy.

Q1 – How would you define digital transformation? And what is at stake?

First, it is important to distinguish between the concept of a transformation and that of a change: a transformation is a shift towards an unknown state, and as with anything unknown, some may find it unsettling. Read more