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urban sprawl - Yann Gourvennecs Antimuseum
urban sprawl - Yann Gourvennec's Antimuseum

(by Stewart Baines) A green baseline is critical if IT leaders want to transform their IT estate, reckons analyst Forrester. Its new report, “Is Green IT Your Emperor with No Clothes?” argues that what you can’t control you can’t measure. In other words, if you don’t know how much power a PC consumes, or what the cooling costs are for your data centre, you will struggle to create a strategic plan to reduce the footprint of either.

new htc internet phone dubbed ‘iphone killer’ by msa

Google Phonemsa solutions UK has this story about a preview of this brand new htc smartphone/pda which is dubbed by the Internet site as the ‘iphone killer’.

The new htc internet phone has a touch screen too but they haven’t forgotten about the slide-out keyboard, an htc specialty known to all the Taiwanese manufacturers’ fans (note: I own an htc 7500 advantage ultra mobile pc)

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ROI study sheds light on conference benefits (2)

This is part two of our article on web conferencing ROI based on the Frost & Sullivan and WebEx document dedicated to the return on investment for web conferencing services.

In part one of this article
, we have established that the main benefits which can be derived from web conferencing are not forcibly those that seemed obvious at first sight.  The prominence of the productivity factor is obvious.

However, one still has to build a business case around that and try and estimate how much productivity can be derived from the usage of this ICT tool, and what impact it can have on either sales, profits, or even other business factors such as the investment of this productive time into other activities which in turn can generate either more revenue and profits or even lead to a leaner organisation.

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business value and ICT blog now open!

A brand new Orange Business Live blog dedicated to business value and ICT has just been made available to the worldwide community of readers and possibly contributors. A registration form will soon be made available in order to enable users to engage in passionate discussions online on the subject of the impact of ICT on business.

the business value & ICT blog

This blog is about creating business value from ICT and provides a focal point for passionate discussions about how information and communications technology can bring actual value to your business. The blog is structured around seven topics (see bottom of the page) ranging from application performance to unifying communications. Subjects such as the impact of ICT on business, ROI calculations for communications services, and golden rules for new ICT transformation projects will be tackled. Our pool of authors will grow over time and new members are welcome to join as writers for the Orange Business Live blog.

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ROI study sheds light on web conferencing business business benefits (1)

it’s not just GREEN IT …

It’s not just with Green IT that ROI calculations are a must. Conferencing is very much at the centre of most discussions on that topic at the moment. I believe that Cisco’s much touted launch of its new telepresence system a couple of years ago has been very instrumental in putting conferencing – and video conferencing in particular – on top of the business agenda. The recent interest in environmental issues  (as in our new CO2 saving tool)  – no longer disconnected from business – has also triggered an outstanding revival in the conferencing market. Similarly, the accelerating pace of globalisation and the fact that business teams are now increasingly scattered across different regions is no longer a subject for the likes of Charles Handy (who warned us more than 13 years ago that virtual organisations were our future) but a reality that almost all knowledge employees have to live with and a potential opportunity that the most nimble of us can leverage. No doubt then that the demand for conferencing tools is rising.